Episode 46 The Return of Regular Randy

This week the boys gather at Nerds Central from a three week hiatus of the show.  Regular Randy is back in town and paying a visit to Drew and Kelly.  They had a great talk and we even get a World Premiere from miike smiith with his song “This is Kray”.  You can download it at http://themiikesmiith.bandcamp.com if you enjoy it.

Episode 44 Did You Just Say “I Support The Troops?”

This week Drew and Kelly are back and talk Gitmo, Drew tells far more of his story than he has ever shared on the show.  They also talked a bit about the newest book from Military Veteran and Author Joseph Hickman entitled The Burn Pits-The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers which tells the story of this military generation and being cast aside by politics.  Listen in and go check out Mr. Hickmans book, maybe we can get him to come on a future episode.

Episode 43 The Government Shuts Down…Again

It feels a bit like Ground Hog Day as Drew and Kelly discuss the Government Shutdown and how that affects life as many know it.  Drew also tells Kelly about an incredible documentary entitled I Am Not Your Negro that carries on from an unfinished book by author James Baldwin about the era of civil rights and how in many cases nothing has truly changed.  Worth watching and free right now on PBS.

Episode 37 How Do You Keep A Silly Person Busy?

Drew and Kelly are at it again discussing a healthy dose of Politics with their pal Regular Randy, Addressing a Ban on Kratom in Washington DC that was recently found to be in place and having just a bit of fun while they are at it.  Listen In.

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